Introduction of ACT Leader Rodney Hide by Kenneth Wang

1.40pm 2008.03.15

ACT Annual Conference 2008, Waipuna Conference Centre, Auckland

1.40pm 15/3/2008

I entered the New Zealand politics, largely due to three men who changed this country for better and made remarkable marks in New Zealand history, firstly the Co-Founder of ACT, Sir Roger, secondly the Ex-Leader of ACT, Hon Richard Prebble, and thirdly our current leader of ACT, Rodney.

These three men shared the same vision and the same passion with members, supporters of ACT of making New Zealand a better country to live, to work and to bring up families.

We all know that today’s Rodney is a completely re-borne from what he was before. I briefly worked as an MP in Parliament with Rodney as ACT new leader. I watched him dancing at TV One “Dancing with Stars”, and read his book “My Year of Living Dangerously”.

What he didn’t say enough in his book is how hard the political life in parliament can be and can easily ruin and destroy a person mentally and physically.

Rodney has been one of the bravest politicians in Parliament, fearlessly fighting for the individual citizen’s right, against giant bureaucrats.

After “Dancing with Stars” was over, Rodney’s trainer Chris announced a target for Rodney: increase strength by 50%, halve body fat by 15%, and be fitter at 80 than he was now.

Rodney’s achievement was amazing. He won a bet: lost 35 kg in six months; swam across Lake Wakatipu of 4.5 km distance, at temperature of 15 degree Celsius.

As Rodney said, “You can’t achieve anything if you can’t first imagine it

No one, not any media or political parties, had ever imagined that ACT party would survive the last election and rise again from ash, yet we did. Thanks to the leader Rodney Hide, members, supporters and all New Zealanders who had a vision and helped ACT went through the storm, against all odds.

The two old parties, Labour and National, have both lost their vision with little difference between them. In today’s New Zealand political landscape, only ACT has the guts and detailed policies advocating for reducing tax payer’s burden, tough on crime and freedom of choice for people of NZ.

We have a tough mission ahead of us in this year’s election; our people have been looking for a stronger ACT to change our country a better place.

Rodney, you have our full confidence that your will be fitter at 80. Members and friends of ACT have full confidence that ACT will be back in Parliament after this year’s election with a much stronger team.

Ladies and gentlemen, please joint me and welcome ACT leader Rodney Hide.

Kenneth Wang