Raising the Bar


The ACT party is committed to prosperity, raising the standard of living of New Zealanders and catching up to our Australian counterparts.

The current government say that it can’t be done without raising taxes. That’s not surprising. Over the last nine years, government spending has shot out of control, vastly outstripping the rate of inflation. We say that it has to be done. What’s more we say that it has to be done with lower taxes and a flat personal rate. Gone are the days of the 39% envy tax rate.

The ACT party’s 20-point plan and Pledge Card states exactly what we’re going to do to find an extra 100 billion dollars over ten years. That’s going to put an extra five hundred dollars a week into the pockets of working New Zealanders.

The first thing we’re going to do is to haul government expenditure back into line with inflation. The next thing we’re going to do is rout out the dead wood from “do nothing” government departments. Education budgets for example are not going to get soaked up by layers of rep tape and bureaucracy. Education funding will follow each child through primary, intermediate and secondary school in the form of a scholarship entitlement to any school you wish to send them to. Not only can it happen, it has to happen.

Incredible? Yes. Impossible? Absolutely not.