For A Brighter Future

19th October 2003

Sir Roger Douglas, Lady Douglas, Hon Richard Prebble, Deborah Corddington MP, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Since last election, I’ve been receiving numerous letters, faxes, phone-calls and emails from members of public, especially Asian communities. They want to tell me their horror stories of falling into victims of criminals, of being abused by nasty racists, they want vent out their frustrations with government bureaucrats, or want to express their view of social justice.

In many people’ mind, I was already a MP who can make a difference and have justice done. Many of my friends and supporters told me that whenever they came cross the name Kenneth Wang they think of Act.

Through the election campaign, among Asian New Zealanders, particularly Chinese, ACT had jumped from virtually unknown, to the most favored political party. Herald digi poll showed that 38.5% Chinese New Zealanders gave their vote to Act in last year’s election.

Why did they vote for ACT? To them, the choice was obvious. People told me they vote for ACT because ACT is the most determined party on zero tolerance against crime, ACT rewards working people by keep their hard earned money in their own pockets, ACT promote traditional family value and empower people to choose their own destination, ACT puts the economic growth and prosperity of this nation first, refusing to bribe voters with their own money, and only ACT has the gut to stand firm on its colorblind policy and fought openly and furiously against racial discrimination against Asian in this country.

These are just a few key points explaining why ACT policies best match Asian New Zealander’s value and philosophy. Why ACT is THE best choice for the interests of NEW New Zealanders, as well as for this nation.

The 38.5% of total votes achieved from Chinese New Zealanders had opened eye’s of everybody, including our opposition. It encourages us to keep up good work. It also makes many of us wish that we could have achieved this level of support among general public of this nation. One might think that it is hard for ACT to achieve this target, but I think, not only we should, but also we can achieve this.

A few weeks ago, I was talking with one of my friend from ACT, he said that “the general public did not understand ACT policies well”. Well, it might be. But one must think isn’t the party’s responsibility to understand what the people need and speak out what they want to say? When I to dig deeper, my friend quickly corrected it and said, “Oh no, ACT did not let the public known its policies well enough.” He raised a fundamental challenge facing every political party who believes it best represents the interests of the people in this country.

ACT New Zealand holds much for pride. It is a liberal party stands for true liberalism; and is the only liberal party in the world stays in Parliament.

ACT promotes Freedom, Choice and Responsibility. ACT is not a far right party. ACT wants to reward every hard working people and brings prosperity back to this country.

If we want win more votes, increase our influence and lead the country back into the top of OECD countries and brings benefit to every New Zealanders, we must address the real issues facing those hard working people’s every day life, providing real solutions within their reach.

People cast their vote according to their own judgment. People will not give their vote to a political party simple because the party’s policy sounds so superior, unless they can see the real benefits are within their reach.

Good philosophies must be understood by the people you represent. Good policies must sell. It our job to translate ACT policies into simple yet powerful messages and effectively deliver them into people’s minds.

It is then up to us, all our volunteers and supporters to go out and do every bit they can to delivery these messages.

Tonight I see my friends, supporters came from every corner of Auckland, in fact some came all the way from Christchurch. You come here to put your trust in my hands, and to show your support to me to stand up again as ACT candidate for the next election.

I am pride to had stood up as ACT candidate during the last election, and with your trust and support I will do it again next time, not for my own agenda but for the people of this country, for a brighter future of us and our future generations, because it is worth to fight for. That future is not far away. So long as we do it right and do it together, it will become a reality.

Thank you.

Kenneth Wang