Law and Order, ACT’s number one priority

Speech by Kenneth Wang Northshore, Auckland 2008.09.20

We have had nine years of an arrogant government that has cared little about—and invested little in—law and order, and ignored the wishes of the public.

This Labour government ignored the people in 1999 when they demanded tougher sentencing for the most violent crimes.

This Labour government rudely labelled the 15,000-strong march in Botany against the increase in violent crime on 5 July this year as “a walk in the park”.

We must have Zero Tolerance for crime. There is only one political party that is truly committed to it; that is ACT Party.

The ACT Party is making Law and Order its number one priority, with the commitment of an extra 1billion dollars for law and order, Truth in Sentencing and Three Strikes then maximum penalty.

The ACT Party has always welcomed good quality immigrants regardless their skin colour and makes sure they are treated equally with a One Law for All policy. The ACT party is against all forms of racial discrimination and racial privilege.

A party vote for ACT is more powerful than one for National. It takes approximately 65,000 party votes to elect one National MP, but it only takes 20,000 party votes to elect each ACT MP.

Every party vote for ACT will count because Rodney Hide will win Epsom.

By giving your party vote to ACT, you will ensure Zero Tolerance for Crime.

A party vote for ACT is a powerful vote that can ensure ACT holds the balance of power after the election.

With ACT holding the balance of power, this will mean a government of change, rather than just a change of government. It will mean a change of direction of New Zealand, safety for your families and prosperity for all New Zealanders.