Use Your Vote To Combat Crime

Kenneth Wang

You don’t have to look very far to see the wave of violent crime surging against ordinary citizens.

Last Thursday I met a man named Virender Singh. He’s a gracious and humble man, hard working with a young family. He takes good care of them, and looks after his parents. He wants the same thing all New Zealanders want. To go safely about his business, to provide for his family, and make sure they’re well looked after.

But Virender Singh is facing a serious charge of assault after defending himself, his family and his property, against a group of violent armed thugs. Mr. Singh phoned police three times while fighting off four assailants with a hockey stick, taking a knife to the thigh in the process. He and his family and his property were under potentially fatal attack. He was brave enough to stand up to these would-be murderers, to defend and protect his family. If he was wearing a uniform he may well have received a medal. Instead he was arrested, charged and released on bail.

People have a natural right to defend themselves and their property. But this government has created conditions for a perfect storm. A storm where violent offenders are protected by the law and victims are left to fend for themselves. In this case the victim has been taken away and charged, incredibly in accordance with the law.

There’s no question that the police do their best to fight criminals. But they’re hamstrung by laws that make the streets a safe haven for criminals, and a nightmare for everyone else.

The long-term fight against violent criminals can not be won without winning in the corridors of power by those who truly represent our voice to make the law works for law abiding citizens rather than for the criminals. It’s up to us to decide who is going to be in those corridors fighting for us. It’s up to us to combat crime with our vote and pick the winning team. If we allow governments to drop the ball on this one, it will be one pitched battle after another.

My campaign team and I pledge our sympathies and our support to Mr. Singh and to the long list of innocent victims of violent crime. I also pledge my ongoing support to the communities that are constantly under siege from violent thugs.

New Zealanders everywhere have been outraged by this case and rightly so. In fact, Mr. Singh has been receiving letters of support and donations from people the length and breadth of the country. If you’d like to do the same, you can make a donation in person or via internet to:

Virender Singh Bains Trust account

National Bank

acc. no. 06-0197-0272121-00

The proceeds will go towards legal costs faced by victims of violent crime facing prosecution.