ACT MP Presents Crime Petition


New Zealanders can trust ACT to be the toughest on crime, ACT MP Kenneth Wang said last Wednesday while presenting a petition that calls on Parliament to combat crime.

The petition was under the name of Mr Wang and Manchao Li, who suffered three burglaries and saw the offenders responsible, treated with kid gloves.

“These 4,936 signatures represent the public’s anger and frustration at successive Labour and National governments’ soft-on-crime policies, which have seen violent crime double since 1990,” Mr Wang said.

The petition presentation came hard on the heels of the release of ACT’s Crime and Justice policy, that had just released the Friday before.

“ACT is the only party with a plan to crack down on crooks and hoodlums who threaten the personal safety and security of law-abiding New Zealanders.

“We will make our country one of the safest countries in the world by taking a zero tolerance approach to crime through tougher sentencing and abolishing parole.

“In addition, ACT will:

• Boost police funding to allow an extra 2,500 officers to match Australia’s policing rate.

• Ensure that life imprisonment will mean life for first-degree murder.

• Require the maximum sentence after three repeat offences.

• Abolish name suppression.

• Ensure police focus first on criminals and thugs before traffic tickets.

• No suppression of criminal records.

• End automatic concurrent sentencing, every crime to count.

• End pointless family group conferences.

• Put victims’ rights ahead of the criminals.

“While the other parties will talk about getting tough on crime this election, it’s ACT who will deliver,” Mr Wang said.

ACT leader Rodney Hide and ACT spokesman for justice Stephen Franks were present at the meeting and made their speeches. As one of the initiators, Mr. Manchao Li made a special trip from Auckland to make a speech at the presentation, too.