Asian Anti-crime Group “An Inevitable result of police and govt failure”.


The setting up of the Asian Anti-Crime Group (AAG) in South Auckland is good news for all law-abiding Aucklanders and bad news for all criminals says the ACT Party.

Such a group is an excellent example of a grass roots community response to a serious community problem. It is exactly how free communities have always dealt with escalating and unsustainable levels of violent and property crime-invariably at times when authorities have clearly failed the people they were set up and funded to serve.

Helen Clark’s attempt to discredit this group shows she does not understand how free societies operate, with even serious problems able to be fixed cheaply and effectively without the need for govt Diktat and millions of tax dollars.

More significant is that Clark clearly does not want to accept responsibility for this situation, does not want to admit that this group is an inevitable consequence of the failure of her govt to deliver on law and order.

The Asian Anti-crime Group has been set up because Govt and an increasingly politicised and controlled police force have failed to adequately protect the lives and property of Asian New Zealanders.

Since Asians seem to be preferentially targeted by our criminals and regularly become victims of violent and property crime, it should not come as any surprise that it is precisely this group that is saying “Enough is Enough”

ACT NZ believes that maintaining law and order is the acid test of legitimacy for any government. By any measure, this present govt has failed and failed badly.