Wong's Desperate Campaign Trick in Botany Failed

Kenneth Wang 021 366 138, Blair Mulholland (ACT Botany) 021 523 103 03/11/2008

ACT Botany Candidate Kenneth Wang has poured scorn on the dirty tactics of his National Party rival after the Electoral Commission vindicated his signs and campaign material today.

"There was never any substance to this complaint. I am clearly asking for an Electorate Vote for myself. Pansy Wong is getting desperate", said Mr Wang.

"The slogan "Vote Kenneth Wang, get Wang + Wong" is a simple statement of the facts of the MMP system."

Kenneth Wang, a former ACT List MP, said: "The Electoral Commission ruling confirms that my billboards were a genuine attempt to convey a simple message to the people of Botany. They can vote for me with their candidate (electorate) vote, safe in the knowledge that Pansy Wong's seat in Parliament is secure and guaranteed by her high position on 20th place on National party list."

Mr Wang is concerned Wong's complaint may be part of a deliberate strategy to scare voters with the possibility of two Chinese MPs.

"I am not necessarily blaming Pansy, but there has certainly been a fair amount of rumour and innuendo spread about me and what I have supposedly said during this campaign, none of which has been true," said Mr Wang. "I am campaigning as a fellow New Zealander to represent all of Botany's people, whatever their race or ethnicity."

Nevertheless, Mr Wang remains determined to work constructively with Ms Wong after the election.

"Let us rise above the candidates' personal agenda and concentrate on how to work together by voting strategically for a better coalition government."

"I am fully supportive of a National-led Government, and as Botany's MP, I intend to work with Pansy for the best benefit of the region," he said.