Media Comments Create a Diversion from the Real Issues

Kenneth Wang, 28 October 2008

Kenneth Wang, ACT Candidate for Botany, commenting on the New Zealand Herald article – “Botany voters feel excluded” (by Lincoln Tan), stated “I am standing as an ACT candidate so that I can represent all constituents in the Botany electorate, regardless of their ethnic or other differences”. “Unfortunately the article construes racial divisions which in reality converge in the common desire to have a better coalition government”, said Mr Wang.

“To achieve a better government, ACT’s support of National is very important.” Kenneth Wang said, “Botany is a very unique opportunity for voters”. ”Supporting me as ACT candidate with the electorate vote, will not cost the National Party, or its candidate Pansy Wong a seat in Parliament” . “It can bring the partnership into the Parliament which will benefit Botany and the country. The Botany constituents are the final winners”, said Mr Wang.

A long time New Zealand citizen, former Member of Parliament and businessman, Kenneth Wang reiterated that “the suggestion that some constituents may feel excluded because of my Chinese origins is very unfortunate”. “To use emotive language on a sensitive topic immediately prior to the election distracts the electorate from the real issues and the credentials of the candidates”, Mr Wang stated.

Kenneth Wang emphasised “as an experienced candidate with wide experience in New Zealand’s business, political and multicultural life, I feel very strongly that I can ably represent all the people in Botany”. “My passion is to help building a better society in this country”, said Mr Wang, “I am ready to serve the people of New Zealand, the people I love.”

“I am a kiwi with a positive attitude”, said Mr Wang, “I will do whatever it takes to serve all segments of society in the Botany electorate”. “A change of government not only benefits Chinese or Asian community, it benefits all New Zealanders.” Kenneth said firmly.

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