Kenneth Wang Cadidate Speech for Botany on the Media Conference

2.00pm 2008.06.20

Speech by Kenneth Wang

Ladies and Gentlemen and dear friends,

Today, I am standing here to announce that I standing forward as the ACT Party candidate for Botany in 2008 Election.

Botany is a fresh new electorate. It is vibrant, full of energy, with a bright future.

As a third time ACT candidate, I am seeking to return to the Parliament to represent and serve our people.

One might ask why I am standing for parliament again.

Like many new New Zealanders, I chose this beautiful country for a better life and a bright future for my children. I love this country.

After more than 20 years, it is heart-broken to see that so many talented and hard working New Zealanders packed up and went away, giving up their hopes in this country.

I believe that our country has a bright future. I stand up again because our people deserve a much better life and I have a duty to serve them.

But why Botany?

Botany has its most valuable asset – 57,000 talented and hardworking people. It also has the highest population of new New Zealanders who were born overseas and chose this country as their new home to live and bring up their children. And I am one of them.

I praise people of Botany for their spirit of striking hard for the best, their positive attitude towards life and their dedication to education and the family values.

People in Botany need a MP who is honoured to take their voice into Parliament, to devote with full energy in serving them and to make New Zealand a better place to live.

That is exactly what I plan to do.

Why ACT?

Safe Community

People in Botany want a safe community. I share their concerns of the crime waves that rampage through our home and streets.

“Getting tough on crime” is an overwhelming outcry from our people.

It is outrageous that our citizens have to protect themselves by self imprisonment in their homes, but their homes are not safe after all.

It is a sad reality that our women are nervous about carrying their handbags and being robbed by the heartless criminals roaming on the street in daylight.

When the brutal shooting killed the liquor shop owner Mr Singh, I know that there are many brave policemen and women who are just as frustrated.

The fingers shall point to those politicians who refuse to toughen the current laws and to penalise the criminals in harsher terms.

Three years ago, I initiated a nationwide petition with Mr Man-chao Li, who suffered three burglaries and could not get justice done. The petition was to toughen the law on youth crime, to make the parents of young criminals share responsibility, financially and morally, and to ensure law-abiding citizens can self-defend their families and their property without waiting for criminals to strike first.

With 4,936 signatures collected, the petition was handed into parliament on 15th July 2005. Today, it is till sitting at a bottom of drawers of Parliament Select Committee without an answer.

ACT is well known for its famous “Zero Tolerance on Crime” approach and its law and order policies, like returning to real community policing, introducing truth in sentencing, putting victims’ rights ahead of the criminals, ensuring police focus first on criminals and thugs before traffic tickets, and ceasing government interference in our families.

That is why I stand for ACT.

Better Living Standard

I share the same dream of everyone in Botany of getting ahead for a better life.

Our people are sick and tired of the debate between the two major parties over how many blocks of cheese their tax policies might equal to. Our people are looking for a party that has a vision to bake a much bigger cake of prosperity for us all to share.

While reducing tax is still a key policy to stimulate productivities, ACT has got the vision and policies to substantially lift our economy and beat the income level of our neighbour Australia. This is all detailed in Act’s ambitious 20 Point Plan in this year’s election,

That is why I stand for ACT.

One Law for All

I believe in the same value with people of Botany that everyone shall have the equal right and no one shall be disadvantaged by his or her skin colour.

ACT has always welcomed new immigrants who are making huge contributions to our society and economy. ACT has always been at the frontline fighting back racialists’ attacks on new New Zealanders.

That is why I stand for ACT.

This is the moment.

New Zealand is at a crossroad intersection. To make it a turning point for a new direction, we need your party vote for ACT. ACT can then hold the balancing power after this election. It will be for not only a change of government but a change of direction for our country, a more prosperous great country.

Six years ago, I started a journey of standing up for our people.

Today I am more determined to continue doing so...

I will not stop until my mission is accomplished.

Thank you.