Kenneth Wang Biography


About Kenneth Wang

Kenneth Wang is a former ACT party MP, and is honoured to be the ACT party candidate contesting the new seat of Botany Downs in the 2008 general election.

Kenneth is a staunchly proud New Zealander whose biography is a uniquely Kiwi story of migration, journey, sacrifice and an ironclad work ethic. Kenneth is proud to continue a tradition of settlement and contribution, a legacy of illustrious energy that has been at work in New Zealand since the 1830’s.

Kenneth came to New Zealand in 1986, graduated from Auckland University with a Masters Degree in fine Arts in 1988 and began working in the field of graphic design and adveristing. Kenneth is now the owner and founder of Newmarket advertising and media agency Brandworks, which he started from his bedroom in his Mt. Roskill residence fifteen years ago. He has been the president of the New Zealand association of Asian-owned small businesses, a founding member of the Chinese Conservation Education trust and was instrumental in fundraising efforts for the Asian Tsunami Relief fund. Kenneth has been actively outspoken about the increase in violent crime, he has pushed strongly for a flat tax rate for all New Zealanders and has campaigned against the racialisation of lawmaking, with a policy of One Law for All. He is married to Li Ma and they have two children, both born in New Zealand. Amy and Collin.

As a family man Kenneth takes a strong stand on the issues that effect the day to day lives of ordinary New Zealanders. He has been a strong advocate for victims of burglary and violent crime and stands fast behind ACT’s Zero Tolerance to Crime, and Truth in Sentencing policies. As a business owner Kenneth is passionate about reducing bureaucracy and changing the laws and regulations that challenge growth and development. As a New Zealander he is dedicated to bringing about the changes that will take the country forward through safer, stronger and more prosperous communities.